No strat - Anti-stratifikacija i jedinica za ustedu toplote

No strat

No strat - Anti-stratifikacija i jedinica za ustedu toplote

No-Strat is an anti-air stratification and heat saving appliance, which can be used on all the existing industrial as well as commercial hot air heating plants. It is a well known fact that in all large and very high rooms, which are heated with hot air systems (unit heaters, gas fired units, etc.) or which have got technological heat sources like drying ovens, a high heat accumulation can be observed under the ceiling. In fact the heated air rises and is subject to stratification, thus it cannot be used on the height where the personnel operates, while the relative heat gradually escapes to the outside through the ceiling. No-Strat resolves this serious problem. This appliance, which has to be installed at about two-thirds of the total height of the room, is equipped with a thermostatic control and as soon as the temperature of the higher zone exceeds the predetermined value (i.e. 20°C), the electric fan will be actuated to guide the hot air into the lower part of the room and to distribute it at the right level for use. With modest expense, which can be recovered in just one season of operation, you can realise an enormous recovery of heat, which otherwise would have been lost, and an effective fuel saving to a percentage of 30-40%. Moreover in the summer time you can use SABIANA’s No-Strat also for environmental ventilation.

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No-strat anti-stratifikacija i jedinica za ustedu toplote --

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